AND multi-cultural heritage

Exuding a sense of sophistication and class, 88 Armenian is the epitome of architectural resplendence that captures the charm of the yesteryears. You would not be wrong to feel as if you have stepped into a luxurious and private oasis cloaked in a rich patina of history as you cross the welcoming threshold of 88 Armenian.

This 3-storey boutique hotel is strategically located in the prominent and culture-rich Armenian Street, the core zone of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The history of 88 Armenian harks back to the mid-19th century when this early Straits Eclectic-style building was originally a lodging house that hosted the enterprising and well-educated Armenian traders. They were drawn to the area as it was firstly, a historical enclave for the local Malay-Muslim community and secondly, for its proximity to the Penang Port. This is how the street came to its namesake.

The departure of the Armenians on the winds of change ushered in new occupants - the Chinese migrant community. They built thriving and prosperous businesses upon the industry of copper and brass, and the street flourished. Till today Armenian Street is commonly known and referred to as ‘phak thang-ah kei’, or “Coppersmith Street” in its Hokkien patois.

Present day Armenian Street bustles with charm and charisma; a mecca that not only reflects its historic splendour, but is an engaging and intriguing blend of diverse cultures and famous street art. A hotbed of quaint shops, activities and events, serving up rich cultural offerings and unforgettable delicacies that draws both locals and visitors alike from near and far. You will be certain to enjoy being in the heart of it all.

GEM SET UPON A history bedrock

88 Armenian, with a distinctive white façade, is a shining pearl of luxury that basks resplendently as an architectural masterpiece with a haven of lovely bold interiors, stylish fittings and responsive smart technology.

Restored sensitively and immaculately, you will find copper-clad complements and accents weaved into an elegant and stylish interior as a tribute to the rich cultural tapestry of the street and its history.

The exposed original brick walls, existing wooden flooring, and rehabilitated wooden doors emblazoned with Chinese calligraphy along with burnt wood elements found on the ground floor of the hotel imbues the place with a warmth and soul. The latter has gone through a traditional Japanese wood preservation process known as the ‘Yakisugi’ (焼杉), a method to weather-proof the original wood panels by charring with fire.

The restored and refurbished 88 Armenian showcases its primordial features as a nod to its past and its story continues to reverberate through its walls today.

The same meticulous care to preserve the old-world charms of the architectural heritage of the original building has been put into the design of 88 Armenian’s modern and polished interiors. Premium furnishing, luxurious features, a Bath Butler service, and much more, ensure your every practical need and desire for ultimate comfort is certain to be met in this lovely oasis.